If the scheduled fight not cancelled before end of July 2017, it will be a unanimous decision in favor of Conor McGregor..

Should there be changes of schedule or resetting of fight, Floyd Mayweather will won on this matched…

Fight will last for 6-7 ROUNDS for TKO!!



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2013 Psychic Predictions

Taking time to focus to what will happen by year 2013 is not an easy task. A psychic has to prepare his 3rd eye opened to beyond time of exodus year. With due respect, among and against individual beliefs, creed & religion, a hard rock stones will hit your head if you missed this unread…
State head from various countries will have diplomatic intervention against its territorial domain in the Philippines and China. Situation over West Philippine Sea seen to be in worst disagreement when second quarter of 2013 begins. Exploring this quarter, another cabinet member of Philippine President Benigno Noynoy Aquino will have his life ended due to heart attack secondary to cardio vascular ailment. President Aquino would however, during this quarter will release calamity fund support to Northern Mindanao, Southern Luzon and Bicol region, as this place will be prone to calamities secondary to weather and multiple quakes. By third quarter of 2013, a revolution is seen to be organized by a militant group and anti-government unit, a composite of military generals and high ranking police officers.
A very tragic plane crash of Cebu pacific air is deemed to happen by 3rd quarter of 2013, numerous death will occur among passengers & crew. Though, labor group of this airway company is seen to lobby their sentiments on streets by third quarter, this can be resolves adjunct to their petitions.
The Middle East will be rained, as it is never on the record experienced severe rains during 2012. However, Syria will continue its war within their government. A royal family in England will have a problem on issue of moral sequel.
Korea would enhance its nuclear power capability by year 2013. Nicaragua will be down by health threat and dying disease while East of India will be blown by huge amount of water. Politics in this country (India) will face grave coercion as 2 of its high ranking officials will have accidental if not tragic death.


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“Travaillier” Exit Tax in RP: A Purse Pendulum Obscener

“Travaillier” Exit Tax in RP: A Purse Pendulum Obscener

Posted by: divino b. espina

02 May 2011

Many of our exiled OFW workers are expressly grieving their exits from the NAIA Terminal 3, mourning in desperate farewell for they have to thrash a sum of Php15,000.00 or more, not over the counter but on shield of walls at NAIA Lobby Restroom. Problems of this heroes, if that’s what they been honored, elucidated their finances to a very extreme litigation of an exorbitant “travaillier” by immigration personnel in neither way nor “allies”.

Such encumbrances usually held amongst with business visa for Middle East Employment. It is what and where an obvious but grave hard corruption imbalanced the pendulum of time to destined the Para mounted deployment. One who makes crazy and other who does threatens of cancellation of flight what else you could say but to deeply in tears followed their protocol outlined of duty. A terror of substantial credibility from the Immigration is now in dismayed for how will PNOY cleans up his fellows in his governance from a large bucket of pampered corruptors?

For some reason, cleaning up the mess of the previous government admin doesn’t mean the perils of criminals, corrupts and infiltrators of wrong doings. It is a SHAME of the bounties dust in the mirror of Laws, rules & ethics. A pity to every OFW who by French saying “travaillier” to country of desired but extravagant obscenely for the purse of few in uniform while their pendulum of duty hounds to casket of critical finances of OFW victims.


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The 4 P’s program of the government or the conditional cash to the poorest of the poor is just another vehicle to corruption by the government officials concern, particularly in the local level or LGU. How will this happened, and it is happening right now, indeed. In Samar Provinces, recipients of 4P’s instead for the children, the parents are buying luxury items for their own use, not for food purposes, like motorcycle, pump boat, marine engine, etc.

Some, if not all, already made advance credits to cooperative or lending institution in payment for their allowances from 4P’s or conditional cash if pursued. These people became a one day millionaire, not otherwise focused   their children as priorities.

Another thing that P-NOY should know, the mandate of withdrawing their allowances shall be through Land bank withdrawal, instead, now the cash allowance is presently withdrawn in the Municipal Mayor’s Office. Why is this so, the local executive grabbed this opportunity for politicking the program of the government, and in addendum, the mayor has an interest/share being cut or deducted to every recipients. Lastly, if one is not a follower of the mayor, then a big sorry to them, only the mayor’s men are given priorities. Try to make a survey in the Municipality of Babatngon, Leyte, and you will have the answer.


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Dear His Excellency Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III:

Despite of the various colours highlighted your Excellency, most of them if not all are categorically blues than punks; I am always seeing you smiling in all corners of media catch. This was even misinterpreted by the Hongkong government officials, in appreciation perhaps. Rather, you did not put any enmities being discoloured then.

Thinking about, while looking at the big waves here in my locality, along coastal shore lines of Barangay Bacong, Babatngon, Leyte, I may considered your dilemmas’ as due to an inter tropical convergent zone (paving the atmospheric weather season now a days) in our climate. It comes along with waves, flattering and uncontrollable sometimes, but eases fast unconditionally.

Your Excellency, since the regime of your late Mom, Beloved Pres. Cory C. Aquino, my admiration and support at heart and prayers were never been rusted neither collapsed despite of the subterfuge, she was a great leader, a woman of democracy and the pinoy image of “Florence Nightingale”. One thing in common she has shared with your father, is to fight for Democracy, as the Filipinos are “Worth Dying For”.

In your not so long administration in the Palace, being my President, as expected, countless deceptions banged your way, obviously because you condemned the use of “Wang-wang”, precisely the reason why these demagogues and coincidences were improperly displaced. While in your exercise of powers, however, a tryst on the sly antagonizes your will and effort to make our Republic goes wrong, no matter what a common cause supersedes your propagation, but what matter most you’re Excellency, people doest left you behind, likewise, I am behind on you too.

Of not so many, a vigilante shall serves as your eyes and ears, from the local community/barangay, Municipality, Cities, Province and LGU’s and government agencies as well. What matter most your Excellency is their ancillary value in aid of your governance, which the high ranking officials including your cabinet members hasn’t sphere of not so annoying information but of good reputes. Why not? What matter most, your Excellency is you have our heart, my heart and the global heart that supports on you!


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San Antonio Northern Samar

Tea for you, coffee for me and a cup of blood for the PNP. This was the best assessment for the police officers of the Philippine Most Trusted men in Uniform…. the police path.

Just very recently, twisted incidents of slains and ambushes in Catarman Northern Samar as one Barangay Official in Barangay Imelda was been killed councilor Rolando de Guia, Saturday August 21, 2010 by the known communist rebel. While the incident took over a cup of tea & coffee at 8:30 in the morning, a response from the police force falls in a landmine blast killed 7 police officers adjoined to a “cup of blood” then.

The psychic view in this fatality 72 hours after were then answered by one Senior Police Inspector Rolando Mendoza, hostaging the tourist Hong Kong Chinese nationals in Quirino Grandstand, Manila for a 10 hours crises started at the same time where the late barangay councilor was killed. A rendezvous of toasts of hot serving’s morning beverages is a “coup de August Moon” perpetuating men in uniform.

Rolando to Rolando, both public servants devastated death with troops. For Rolando of Northern Samar trooped in PNP officers while Rolando of Manila trooped in hostages in a devil Bus. The metamorphosis is indeed yet of moonlight gravity by August Moon.


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The bloody aftermath  of the hostage drama in Quirino Grandstand, Manila, suffered pains and a wrongful impressions and images among Filipinos as “monkeys” by the Hong Kong Chinese Nationals when their loved ones went home into a funeral walk out from the ill bondage of tourism to the Philippines last Monday on a 10 hour hostage crises, 23rd day of August.

An undoubtedly killings by one hostage taker by former Police Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, serving his demands for a religious attention from the Ombudsman office on his fight for a retention of his police status after being fired from the service, critically offended into a huge damages of life and ties of Hong kong Chinese tourist Nationals out of his minute request.

As Psychic, the occurrence of the tragic incidents still belonged to August moon fatalities, thus, tourist women were indeed listed by death throne amongst this tourists. That of the same week, continuously been visited by chaos and monks from various groups of faiths holding their rituals “en presencia. ”

The perished lives victims  mostly Hong Kong Chinese Nationals were typically an answer to the minute request of the former police senior chief inspector with a blind “who killed who” in the repertoire of SWAT.

Fallen from begotten, the ambiguous grieved  relatives and friends glued an inherent vengeance to the OFW in Hong Kong. An assylum of discreet emotions shall prevail and remain scored.

To Hong Kong Chinese Nationals, my deepest and sincerest symphathy and condolence.

– divino1095

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