The bloody aftermath  of the hostage drama in Quirino Grandstand, Manila, suffered pains and a wrongful impressions and images among Filipinos as “monkeys” by the Hong Kong Chinese Nationals when their loved ones went home into a funeral walk out from the ill bondage of tourism to the Philippines last Monday on a 10 hour hostage crises, 23rd day of August.

An undoubtedly killings by one hostage taker by former Police Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, serving his demands for a religious attention from the Ombudsman office on his fight for a retention of his police status after being fired from the service, critically offended into a huge damages of life and ties of Hong kong Chinese tourist Nationals out of his minute request.

As Psychic, the occurrence of the tragic incidents still belonged to August moon fatalities, thus, tourist women were indeed listed by death throne amongst this tourists. That of the same week, continuously been visited by chaos and monks from various groups of faiths holding their rituals “en presencia. ”

The perished lives victims  mostly Hong Kong Chinese Nationals were typically an answer to the minute request of the former police senior chief inspector with a blind “who killed who” in the repertoire of SWAT.

Fallen from begotten, the ambiguous grieved  relatives and friends glued an inherent vengeance to the OFW in Hong Kong. An assylum of discreet emotions shall prevail and remain scored.

To Hong Kong Chinese Nationals, my deepest and sincerest symphathy and condolence.

– divino1095


About divino1095

i am a psychic practitioner, a philanthropist and cult related syndrome consultant
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