San Antonio Northern Samar

Tea for you, coffee for me and a cup of blood for the PNP. This was the best assessment for the police officers of the Philippine Most Trusted men in Uniform…. the police path.

Just very recently, twisted incidents of slains and ambushes in Catarman Northern Samar as one Barangay Official in Barangay Imelda was been killed councilor Rolando de Guia, Saturday August 21, 2010 by the known communist rebel. While the incident took over a cup of tea & coffee at 8:30 in the morning, a response from the police force falls in a landmine blast killed 7 police officers adjoined to a “cup of blood” then.

The psychic view in this fatality 72 hours after were then answered by one Senior Police Inspector Rolando Mendoza, hostaging the tourist Hong Kong Chinese nationals in Quirino Grandstand, Manila for a 10 hours crises started at the same time where the late barangay councilor was killed. A rendezvous of toasts of hot serving’s morning beverages is a “coup de August Moon” perpetuating men in uniform.

Rolando to Rolando, both public servants devastated death with troops. For Rolando of Northern Samar trooped in PNP officers while Rolando of Manila trooped in hostages in a devil Bus. The metamorphosis is indeed yet of moonlight gravity by August Moon.



About divino1095

i am a psychic practitioner, a philanthropist and cult related syndrome consultant
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