The 4 P’s program of the government or the conditional cash to the poorest of the poor is just another vehicle to corruption by the government officials concern, particularly in the local level or LGU. How will this happened, and it is happening right now, indeed. In Samar Provinces, recipients of 4P’s instead for the children, the parents are buying luxury items for their own use, not for food purposes, like motorcycle, pump boat, marine engine, etc.

Some, if not all, already made advance credits to cooperative or lending institution in payment for their allowances from 4P’s or conditional cash if pursued. These people became a one day millionaire, not otherwise focused   their children as priorities.

Another thing that P-NOY should know, the mandate of withdrawing their allowances shall be through Land bank withdrawal, instead, now the cash allowance is presently withdrawn in the Municipal Mayor’s Office. Why is this so, the local executive grabbed this opportunity for politicking the program of the government, and in addendum, the mayor has an interest/share being cut or deducted to every recipients. Lastly, if one is not a follower of the mayor, then a big sorry to them, only the mayor’s men are given priorities. Try to make a survey in the Municipality of Babatngon, Leyte, and you will have the answer.



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i am a psychic practitioner, a philanthropist and cult related syndrome consultant
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