Dear His Excellency Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III:

Despite of the various colours highlighted your Excellency, most of them if not all are categorically blues than punks; I am always seeing you smiling in all corners of media catch. This was even misinterpreted by the Hongkong government officials, in appreciation perhaps. Rather, you did not put any enmities being discoloured then.

Thinking about, while looking at the big waves here in my locality, along coastal shore lines of Barangay Bacong, Babatngon, Leyte, I may considered your dilemmas’ as due to an inter tropical convergent zone (paving the atmospheric weather season now a days) in our climate. It comes along with waves, flattering and uncontrollable sometimes, but eases fast unconditionally.

Your Excellency, since the regime of your late Mom, Beloved Pres. Cory C. Aquino, my admiration and support at heart and prayers were never been rusted neither collapsed despite of the subterfuge, she was a great leader, a woman of democracy and the pinoy image of “Florence Nightingale”. One thing in common she has shared with your father, is to fight for Democracy, as the Filipinos are “Worth Dying For”.

In your not so long administration in the Palace, being my President, as expected, countless deceptions banged your way, obviously because you condemned the use of “Wang-wang”, precisely the reason why these demagogues and coincidences were improperly displaced. While in your exercise of powers, however, a tryst on the sly antagonizes your will and effort to make our Republic goes wrong, no matter what a common cause supersedes your propagation, but what matter most you’re Excellency, people doest left you behind, likewise, I am behind on you too.

Of not so many, a vigilante shall serves as your eyes and ears, from the local community/barangay, Municipality, Cities, Province and LGU’s and government agencies as well. What matter most your Excellency is their ancillary value in aid of your governance, which the high ranking officials including your cabinet members hasn’t sphere of not so annoying information but of good reputes. Why not? What matter most, your Excellency is you have our heart, my heart and the global heart that supports on you!



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i am a psychic practitioner, a philanthropist and cult related syndrome consultant
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