“Travaillier” Exit Tax in RP: A Purse Pendulum Obscener

“Travaillier” Exit Tax in RP: A Purse Pendulum Obscener

Posted by: divino b. espina

02 May 2011

Many of our exiled OFW workers are expressly grieving their exits from the NAIA Terminal 3, mourning in desperate farewell for they have to thrash a sum of Php15,000.00 or more, not over the counter but on shield of walls at NAIA Lobby Restroom. Problems of this heroes, if that’s what they been honored, elucidated their finances to a very extreme litigation of an exorbitant “travaillier” by immigration personnel in neither way nor “allies”.

Such encumbrances usually held amongst with business visa for Middle East Employment. It is what and where an obvious but grave hard corruption imbalanced the pendulum of time to destined the Para mounted deployment. One who makes crazy and other who does threatens of cancellation of flight what else you could say but to deeply in tears followed their protocol outlined of duty. A terror of substantial credibility from the Immigration is now in dismayed for how will PNOY cleans up his fellows in his governance from a large bucket of pampered corruptors?

For some reason, cleaning up the mess of the previous government admin doesn’t mean the perils of criminals, corrupts and infiltrators of wrong doings. It is a SHAME of the bounties dust in the mirror of Laws, rules & ethics. A pity to every OFW who by French saying “travaillier” to country of desired but extravagant obscenely for the purse of few in uniform while their pendulum of duty hounds to casket of critical finances of OFW victims.



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