The advocacy of P-NOY on his battle cry “Tungo sa Daang Matuwid” and “Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap” has generated sympathy & love through votes over his victory in Malacanang seats. While his opponent silently emerged and freed themselves giving a path to resiled, peoples mandate are his “Bosses” epitomized in his first State of the Nation Address (SONA), considerably bounties support from all walks of life.

During his few months of workaholic, he stipulated the primary eczema’s causing public anorexia for a cure in aid of his governance. Many were not surprised, countless are vigilant on transparent bureaucracy accelerating his first Executive Order on Truth Commission, a panel of Laws, by Lawmakers, sacking the corrupt officials of the previous regime. An endowment of non-cohabitation amalgamated P-NOY trust rating empowering his cabinet members.

A Versace ornate the Palace from tons of chaff’s out of Quirino Hostage Crises, neither the P-NOY’s legendary artist/actress sister Ms. Kris Aquino’s nightmares on her marital status, yet brave & strong enough, faced high without prejudice in the exercise of his powers. A critic from local & foreign countries & analyst to include the broadcast media & journalist assails the metamorphosis of his administration as a mere replica of his late Mom Regime and a philosophy of his Father’s effulgence. Thus, goes without hesitation for tens of thousands of brains, otherwise preludes his performance whether a genuine transmutation or spiritually guided by his forthright.

Transparency through active online peoples participation however, does not accumulates consonance of praises and dangling’ neither a scrap words to hymn his credibility, rather, a threat and diminution on his capacity to do the Presidential tasks. Now, comes the long rotten issues on Jueting prejudiced by Laws & jurisprudence from President Erap Estrada and successors’ and with same author significantly the revelation of retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz to which 2 cabinet members of P-NOY is receiving a payola from the jueting lords. No matter what investigation shall they’ll be through, the palace officials would not in conduits to its stream sources, a quandary to toggle in between the financiers and protectors. Precisely, the Vatican are helpless on their moves, now they are yielded being “Vatican of Jueting” in reply to admin interest yielded on “Jueting Republic”.

The astonishing Jueting issues relative to move for a legal sanctions by the pro’s in the Northern Luzon, is a mirror of spurious  “Swertres” or 3 Digit in Lotto in Central Visayas, Region 8 and Mindanao, obviously run by the same status quo, and with an online internet queues for its daily rendezvous’.  Surely, when this brought to National interest issue per se, would harvest misappraisal and vis-à-vis affects the performance rating of P-NOY.

To His Excellency, my salute and respect as a Filipino, to our Country and the President of the Republic of the Philippines.



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