News all over the country shakens weekly if not daily on wreck vehicular accidents involving some tv, beauty titlist or business known personages. This is perhaps due to some indistinctively out of reckless driving, alcohol/drug intoxication or a karma that would rationalized the accident.

As psychic, an influence on the gravity of august moon, as it maybe correlated, eventually favors the dark side over the lights that it gave at night. In fact, many ancient august moon folktales are about a moon maiden. On the 15th night of the 8th lunar moon, little children on earth can see a lady on the moon. On this magical occasion, children who makes wishes to the Lady on the Moon, will find their dreams come true.

Chinese legends say that the moon is at its brightest and roundest on this day. Under this bright autumn moon, friendship are made and renewed. For many decades now, the august and autumn moon resemblances catastrophic fatal events, tragedy or even breakage of any relationship.

Ancient believers tagged august moon as for the lady moonlighters. The moon symbolizes beauty and elegance. While westerners worship the sun (yang or male) for its power, people in the far east admires the moon. As it is so, some women on various personal known identities were drifted by tragic accident  just when august comes. Should say, women for this month shall observed extra precaution and be conscious at all times.


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